Fear of flying hypnotherapy

Do you have a fear of flying that you want to overcome?

Hypnotherapist for fear of flying Birmingham…


Do you have a fear of flying? – Has this fear of flying stopped you from flying altogether or do you still fly but suffer from anxiety before during and after the flight?

Have you always had a fear of flying or did it develop after a bad flight with turbulence or after you had children?

Common anxieties in relation to fear of flying

Most of the clients I work with are scared of:

  • Not being in control
  • Being in an enclosed space
  • Heights
  • Fear of getting anxious and other people noticing – The potential embarrassment factor!

Many of my clients are parents and are also anxious about their children being anxious and developing the same fear. Sadly it is true that phobias and fears can be learnt/modelled.

Can you relate this and do you want help to overcome your fear of flying?

It does not matter what the trigger was or how long you have been afraid if you want to change your mindset, thoughts and feelings I can help you.

Hypnotherapy and/0r Emotional Freedom Techniques are fabulous to help you release fear and anxiety around flying.

Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you to release the fear and learn a new pattern of response and behaviours. Confident thoughts, feelings and responses in relation to planes, airports and flying!

Just imagine feeling relaxed and comfortable on your next flight with your thoughts floating to the wonderful time you are going to have on holiday

The action to take next

I always have time to talk to you on the phone and advise you as to what approach would be best for you. I use hypnotherapy, emotional freedom techniques and neuro-linguistic programming with phobias and fears.

So many of my clients come via referral and I am committed to your success.

You can read some of my reviews on FREEINDEX. See my testimonials page

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Do call me for a free telephone consultation on 0121 532 0075 or send me a message via the contact form.

Hypnotherapist for fear of flying Birmingham

Best Wishes

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