About Tracy Mason

Tracy MasonI am a dedicated Hypnotherapist today, as in my early twenties I experienced the life-changing effects of hypnotherapy. I can truly say my course of hypnotherapy saved and changed my life in so many beneficial ways.

My Story.

In 1987, I moved from Leeds, West Yorkshire to study Psychology at Aston University. This was an exciting but stressful time. I experienced my first ever Panic Attack as I stood up to give my part of a group presentation. I will never forget those minutes as I struggled to breathe and talk!! . I thought I would faint or die!.

This Panic Attack was so traumatic for me that the mere ‘thought’ of giving another presentation made me feel anxious. Over a period of time, my anxiety spread to many other situations, and I was at such a low point I thought I may have to leave University. On the recommendation of my GP, I went for a course of Hypnotherapy as a natural alternative to medication.

I felt immediate benefits after the first session and after completing the course of therapy my anxiety and phobia of Public Speaking were gone. I had returned to my usual relaxed and confident self.

Upon leaving University I embarked upon a corporate career within the legal and financial sectors. In 1998 I came back to my caring and therapeutic roots and began my training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I was trained by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis www.lcch.co.uk. I completed my certificate in 1999 and was awarded a Diploma with Distinction in 2000. I set up my full-time practice in 2001 and have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of clients at a variety of centres throughout the Midlands.

In 2006 I trained as an NLP Practitioner, Time-Line Therapist, and Life Coach.

In 2017 I qualified as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

I regularly update my skills and knowledge through peer supervision and attending training with the LCCH and Mindfields www.mindfields.org.uk.

I use my extensive skills and knowledge to help you achieve your desired result.

Please call me on 0121 532 0075 to arrange a FREE initial telephone consultation regarding your particular issue, or fill out the form on the Contact Page.

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