Confidence and self Love

Self-confidence is one of the most important, yet most difficult attributes to cultivate for a healthy self-esteem.   The good news is that self-confidence can be built, and the more you do so, the more successful you’ll be.  Self-confidence, however, stems from several areas of life…and as a result, it is important to build it holistically: […]

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Achieving Your Goals and New Year Resolutions

We are almost at the end of January and Christmas seems such a long time ago. I hope you had great fun over the festive season and have made a positive start to 2011?   If you are struggling with your new year goals and resolutions then please read on..      Have You Stuck to […]

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Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Birmingham

In order to smoke people have to really think about it, think of a shop where they sell tobacco, go there, buy it, find a place where they can smoke it, open it, take it, hold it light it, suck it, taste it, inhale it, swallow it, find a place to put it out etc […]

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Other Ways We Can Help You

In addition to hypnotherapy we have professionally trained and skilled practitioners who offer the following therapies across the West Midlands and in London. NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques CBT- Cognitive Behavior Therapy Counseling Art and Music Therapy Life Coaching Time Line Therapy Please call for a friendly chat to discuss which therapy […]

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